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Newborn Hearing Screening program

Newborn Hearing Screening Tests Free at MAURYA Foundation

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hearing screening at new bornAll newborns should be screened before they leave maternity hospital. Infants not tested as newborns should be screened before 3 months of age.  Older infants and toddlers hearing should be monitored at least every 6 months until 3 years of age and at regular intervals thereafter depending upon the risk factors                                               -US FDA


When hearing loss is detected late- speech center in the brain will not be developed, Language development is already delayed, and children will perform below than their peer level and in severe cases become dumb also. These consequences are in sharp contrast to those for children, who are identified early, receive early intervention and they are found to function at the level of their peer by the time they enter school.

So, Ask Your Doctor for your baby’s Hearing Tests

Timing of Hearing Tests

free newborn hearing screening testsScreening process should be started with Behavior Audiometry from day one and OAE1 between 10 and 24 days of age, where required OAE2 should take place within 7 days of OAE1. Where required, ABR (and entire screening process) should be completed by 5 weeks of age.

Hearing tests should always be carried out by an appropriate trained Audiologist Team.

Behavioral Audiometry can be done from day one of your baby birth. It is based on the response of different frequency sounds. This test gives you only basic hearing information of your baby. For further confirmation your baby needs OAE and ABR.

Newborns and Infants

Hearing screening is must for every newborn baby. Infants not tested as newborns should be screened before three months of age

Older Infants and Toddlers

Infants and toddlers (7 months through 2 years) should be screened for hearing loss as needed, requested, mandated, or when conditions place them at risk for hearing disability.