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Hear Now

Hear Now

MAURYA Foundation provides hearing help to low income Indians who had no other resources to acquire hearing aids. Hearing aids often can be expensive and are not covered by insurance. Many individuals cannot afford hearing aids and suffer themselves by isolating into their own world. And also others around them by not communicating well.

hear now program, world wide hearing, Maurya Foundation Making Sounds Louder does NOT Improve Hearing
The quality of hearing aids is very important aspect as the making sounds louder doesn’t improve clarity or quality of sound.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Our Solutions to Hearing Impairment: Hear Now Program

Hearing Aid Provision

MAURYA foundation’s Hear Now Program helps children by providing hearing aids. Normal conversational abilities allow them to attend school, participate in their communities, and find work and contributing to their well-being while lifting them out of poverty.

Evidence-Based Clinical Treatments

MAURYA foundation provides professional expertise up to the national standards for treatment of hearing impairment. save hearing program, world wide hearing, maurya foundation, hyderabad, indiaAll clinical protocols are followed to identify the exact candidate for the hearing aid after thorough clinical tests by team of specialists ENT surgeons, Audiologists and Speech Pathologists. Therefore, we can be able to give best clinical decision and treatment.

World wide hearing impaired people are treated here with individual diagnosis and requirement for treatment.

Digital Programmable Hearing Aids are must for normal conversational hearing
MAURYA foundation’s Hear Now Program helps low income individuals to hear now by providing quality hearing aids. The digital hearing aids with proper programming and care are essential for those hearing impaired to hear to the conversational level.