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Cochlear Implant Program

Cochlear Implant Program

How a Normal Ear Works

The ear is the first part of the hearing system of your body.

normal hearing mechanismThe pinna is the outer part of the ear that gathers sound waves and directs them into the ear canal.

Sound waves then cause the eardrum to vibrate. Ear drum vibrations are passed across the middle ear by three tiny hearing bones. Hearing bones increase the strength of the vibrations before they pass into the cochlea.

The cochlea consists of thousands of tiny sound-sensitive hair cells.

Hair Cells movement creates a small electrical charge which moves along the auditory nerve to the brain hearing centre, where it is converted into signals that can be understood.

What MAURYA Foundation does?

Hearing impairment happens when at least one part of the normal hearing system is not working effectively. save hearing program, maurya foundation, hyderabad, indiaSpecialists ENT surgeons at MicroCare ENT Super Specialty Hospital to which we are associated to do cochlear implant operations and hearing reconstructive surgeries. we reconstruct any damaged part in the hearing mechanism. The Outer ear or middle ear part can be reconstructed. However, inner ear cochlea can be bypassed with cochlear implantation, hence, restoring hearing.

Cochlear Implant program

MAURYA Foundation Cochlear Implant Program (MFCIP) serves profoundly deaf children and adults. If you or your child with profound hearing impairment, you’re in the right place.

cochlear implant program, maurya foundationWhen the strongest hearing aid cannot provide enough sound amplification, a cochlear implant do the work of the hair cells in the cochlea, which are not working properly, by bypassing and sending the sound signals to the hearing nerve.

Young people get one-to-one help and support so they can get the most benefit from a cochlear implant.

MAURYA Foundation Cochlear Implant Team will offer you a cochlear implant if they believe that “You will get hearing ability more than with a hearing aid or born with or developed profound hearing impairment and have some spoken language but do not benefit from conventional hearing aids”

Following the cochlear implant operation, MAURYA Foundation provides support to you and your family to program the speech processor. Speech Pathologists help to improve and develop listening skills and if required speech skills with the new hearing system