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ENT surgical camps

Free ENT Surgery Camps by MAURYA Foundation

Object of MAURYA Foundation

save hearing program, maurya foundation, hyderabad, indiaMajor population of India resides in villages or often in remote areas. India, being an agricultural country, is devoid of advanced medical services in villages due to lack of awareness, education, poverty, improper transport. Furthermore, absences of super specialty services which are concentrated at cities contribute to more hearing problems in villages. Reaching to tertiary care hospitals with proper advice is often out of reach to people.

MAURYA Foundation is committed to community service. BPL patients and people with humble background get comprehensive ENT care and free ENT surgeries

What We Do at Surgical Camps?

Diseases which are screened commonly in surgical camps are known to cause hearing problem as their common effect. Any disease which causes hearing problem is treated in surgical camps.

MAURYA Foundation addresses all hearing impaired people in under privileged group and corrects surgically all treatable conditions.

free ent surgery campsAll surgical camps are conducted through proper media coverage, local authorities to reach to the people in need. Super specialists of MicroCare ENT Hospital, with which we are associated reach satellite centers and find out the people with hearing problems that can be corrected surgically and also conducts awareness and education about hearing.

Collaboration with MicroCare ENT Super Specialty Hospital

MAURYA Foundation has collaborated with MicroCare ENT Super Specialty Hospital to help poor patients who cannot afford surgery or hearing aids.

All Donations to MAURYA Foundation is eligible for deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act.

FREE India Hearing Impairment

MAURYA Foundation has been organising free hearing awareness camps to the poor people residing in remote villages. All camps are done with a team of ENT specialists along with audiologists, staff nurses. All medicines are distributed free of cost to patients. The doctor team is fully equipped with advance ENT endoscopy equipment and audiology equipment. Distribute free hearing aids.