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Hearing Reconstructive Surgeries

Hearing Reconstructive Surgeries

What is Hearing Reconstructive Surgery?
Operation performed to reconstruct eardrum (tympanic membrane) and Middle ear haring bones (ossicles) is called Hearing Reconstructive Surgery or Tympanoplasty

Eardrum Repair

Why Eardrum Repair?
Eardrum is a thin pearly white membrane between your outer ear and middle ear. Sound waves are transmitted to middle ear hearing bones when eardrum vibrates. Slap over ear, trauma, repeated ear infections cause damage to your eardrum. Damage to the eardrum can result in hearing loss and an increased risk of ear infections. Hence eardrum holes must be corrected with surgery.

Types of Eardrum Holes

normal eardrum
Normal Eardrum
small central hole in eardrum
large hole in ear drum
retracted ear drum
Retracted Eardrum






traumatic central perforation of ear drum
traumatic central perforation of ear drum
glue ear, fluid block behind eardrum
fluid block behind eardrum
bulging eardrum
bulging eardrum






Methods of Eardrum Repair

Eardrum repair is a surgical procedure used to fix a hole in the eardrum. A small piece of your own tissue will be taken from a muscle sheath behind your ear and grafted onto your eardrum to close the hole.

Hearing Bones Repair

Why Middle Ear Hearing Bones Repair?
Hearing bones are called ossicles named Malleus, Incus and Stapes present in the middle ear. The sound waves are transmitted from ear drum to inner ear hearing nerves through hearing bones. With the disease process, the hearing bones get damaged and lead to hearing loss. Hence, damaged hearing bones must be repaired

Hearing Bones Repair or Ossiculoplasty
Hearing bones can be replaced either by using remnant bones or bones from a donor or by using prosthetic devices.